Please note that this website is neither owned nor affiliated with DVLA and you may also make your licence application direct on their website. These services may be available from other government sources without a service fee.Our service charges range from £45-£95. Our total charges are £95 and include all DVLA fees.
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Welcome to Driving Licences

Our service is not connected to any UK Government body, including the Department of Transport. We provide a verification and full online application service for all UK driving license applications, charging a service processing fee. You can also apply directly to the Driving & Vehicle Licence Agency by logging on to their authorised website.

We can help you obtain your first Provisional Licence and set you on the road to a full driving Licence. We can also assist with the removal of expired endorsement details and help to avoid fines by making sure you renew your photocard on time. Have you lost your licence? Perhaps it has been stolen, defaced or destroyed – use our online service to obtain a new licence. We can also assist you to change your name, address or photograph.

Services offered by us compared to DVLA site

  • Service
  • Our Service
  • Dvla
  • Online Application.
  • We provide 24/7 email support and we have multilingual support staff.
  • We will send you any forms as required with a postage paid return envelope.
  • Your online application is checked for any errors or omissions prior to submission to DVLA and we will re-process your application free of charge in the event of any errors or omissions.
  • We will work with you and ask you any further questions to help your DVLA application succeed.
  • Charges
  • DVLA Fees
  • Our Service Fees
  • Total Charges
    (includes all DVLA Fees)
  • Application Type
  • First Provisional Licence
  • £34
  • £61
  • £95
  • All other Licence Applications
  • £0 - £20
  • £75-£95
  • £95